Nautical World, you name it we deliver. We source commodities from where they are plentiful to where they are most needed – consistently, professi



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Automobile Industry

We specialize in trading vehicles across the world and make the process lot easier for our customers based on their requirements. We ensure safe delivery of commodities through fast ,extensive network and proper documentations.

Construction Industry

This industry has been rapidly booming over the past decade with improvements in technology and innovation.We can distribute high quality equipments serving the construction industry in and out of UAE with prompt deliveries,eco-friendly operations and immediate services.

Marine Sector

With qualified experts having years of industry experience , we provide a wide variety of services which include the transfer of various cargo materials and equipmentsfrom source to destination. We are committed to offer sustainable and innovative logistical solutions to each and every client .

Oil & Gas Sector

Worldwide gas and oil demand keeps growing and we need these natural resources for the next few decades .Our team focuses to deliver the best class transport and logistics services as an integrated company .

Power Industry

What are u trading here ?high energy batteries or electric cars etc?? + Reliable and economical electric power has become a requirement for normal operation of all elements in every economy. Without the Power Industry, no other industrial sectors could exist, making it the world's largest in the number and value of projects and facilities.

Dredging Equipments

With experienced personnels and a robust supply of marine support vessels , dredgers of various ranges, we offer outstanding operations that exceed customer satisfaction (include a line of fleet u have? Like size of a dredger/ marine support vessels).

Heavy Equipments

We provide good quality heavy machinery like cranes, forklifts, dozers and more for specific demands. Our customer focused team can find solution to any need and provide high quality services at competitive prices to earn their satisfaction .

Industrial Products

With a wide network of resources and expertise, we distribute specialized and related products and solutions to all major industries in a matter of time .AND GIVE SAMPLE OF PDTS LIKE- Automotive Lubricants, Industrial Lubricants and Grease, Lubricant Maintenance


We freight high quality branded machinery used in metal, fabrication ,construction industries etc like (concrete mixers, poker shafts etc)to various regions in and outside UAE with assistance from the best sales team.

Mining Industry

Commercial industries across the board are focusing on applying new technologies and methods to their mining processes in order to reduce energy consumption and cultivate renewable energy sources– the answer to tomorrow’s energy source.Wefocus onenvironmentally sound modes of mineral transportation , price negotiations and can import and export minerals.

Spare Parts & Consumables

GIVE A SMALL LIST OF SPARE PARTS /CONSUMABLES U TRADE + With our experience we support you in the process of transporting special consumables in short time .we store components and spare parts ?? on demand and  keep special parts in stock. 

Transportation Industry

A solution that makes use of a particular type of vehicle, infrastructure and operation. Freight transport of cargo may involve one mode or multimodal transport. Our reliable team will choose the best modeand assist in procedures set for this purpose .


Pipes & Tubes

Pipeline ancillaries, repair-maintenance products and Tubes - of various material grades, heat exchanger and boilers. Apart fr

Valves & Actuators

Gear, Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Gas actuators and different types of valves like butterfly, gate, globe and miscellaneous. Valve automation brings si

Flanges & Fittings

We supply some of the best known brands in the world of Pipe Fittings and Flanges like Butt-weld fittings, Forged steel fittings, Malleable Iron Fittings,

Electrical & IT

Electricals - includes computers, mobiles and other network devices, accessories and servers, with electrical components and programmable logical controlle

Safety & Security

Chemical and toxic resistant clothing of different standards, fire fighting equipment's, clothing and accessories. Person

Hoses & Hose Fittings

Multipurpose hoses for oil, water/air, steam and fuels with a range of fittings for every need.

Hoists & Cranes

Complete & comprehensive in all ranges and capacities for different applications including rough and all terrain cranes,tower cranes and pile hammers.

Forklifts & Container Handlers

Manual and battery operated trucks, stackers, automated and explosion proof.

Stud bolts & Gaskets

Stud bolts and special bolting, nuts.Gaskets , flange insulation kits and sheets.

MRO & Industrial

We deal with pumps, manufacturing and test instruments, power transmission materials, pulleys, stationaries and much more .

Construction & Raw Materials

Sheets, wood , materials of all ranges , sizes of quality grades, sections and structure

Instrumentation & Controls

Pressure and temperature check instruments, calibrators , thermocouples, valves and gauges.

Wellhead Systems

Casing and tubing materials, different wellheads and tools, beam pumping units

Oil Country Tubular Goods

Tubing ,couplings and casing of different grades and weights

Conventional Power Generation

Gas, diesel and gasoline powered generating sets, alternators in low, high and standard frequencies 

Renewable Power Generation

Solar cells , water pumps, lighting towers, desalination and water heating systems, wind turbines and other storage equipments.

Equipment & Vehicle Parts

Engine and components , super chargers, radiators, pumps, suspension and steering parts with body parts, wheels and tyres

Contractor's Plant & Machinery

Dozers, Excavators, Pipe Layers & Trenchers, Motor Graders & Scrapers, Dump Trucks Road building equipments, scissor and boom lifts

Container Trading

Our dedicated container sales and trading team specialize in buying and selling of new and used containers, conversions,